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Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション Part 3

Household Goods and Other/ホームグッズ

Click on the links for bigger/additional pictures! All photos on the page were taken by me. Some of the reference photos in links may be from other sources, which I have tried to note in the Photobucket comments. Enjoy!


Peeking Vulpix Promotion Items photo 2014-08-25132742.jpgPokemon Center Original "Peeking Promotion" Goods
ポケモンセンターオリジナル ぴょっこり 
L-R: Wooden box, wooden clip, notepad, mobile phone case, plush, and mini hand towel. I also own the clearfile from this promotion, which I think makes this a complete collection of the Vulpix goods released with the promo. There was a mug for other Pokemon in the promo, such as Eevee, Pikachu, and Ditto.


Vulpix Pokemon Time Items photo 2014-08-25132936.jpgPokemon Time Promo Featuring Vulpix
L-R: Lunchmat (underneath), strap, headphone jack plug, and various tins.
Notes: The front of the round tins feature Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle! Vulpix is actaully on the back of the round tins. I also have a clearfile with the Pokemon Time-style Vulpix on it. Tins Featuring Vulpix ポケモンロコン缶
L-R: Pokemon Center Maple Stick Pie tin featuring Castform, but the fire side has Vulpix on it! The Piffre tin is also from the Pokemon Center, and has Totodile, Pikachu, and Togepi on the other sides. The Pokemon Time tins are featured above, the one with just Vulpix on it contained candy, and the one with everyone on it had little stickers. The red and black tin has a lock and key, and is from America. And the two Pikachu/Meowstic tins in the back do not feature Vulpix, they just snuck into the picture. :)
Figure Mug/フィギュアマッグ
This was part of a set that included Pikachu, Charizard, Venusaur, and Jiggypuff! Shuffle Lottery Prize Mug ポケとるマッグ
This was only available through a lottery at the Pokemon Centers in early 2015, and you could only get one play for every 3500 yen spent at the Center. So it was very difficult to get the prizes! I managed to get mine off denkimouse, who lives in Japan and runs the Sunyshore website. Other sides here, and here. クリアファイル
Collecting Vulpix gets a little tricky when it comes to promos that feature her as just a smaller part of a whole, such as the Pokemikke promo! Organizing the collection also gets a little hard when it comes to flat items, so I'll just put the clearfiles all right here. In my collection, if Vulpix is not the main Pokemon on an item, I will just get the clearfile from that set so I have something with that artwork.

L-R: Pokemon Time, Fire Type, Christmas 2013, Adventure Goods, Pokemon Kanto Canvas, Little Tales, Peeking Promo, Pokemikke x3.

For Pokemikke, I also got a cup and a bookmark, notepad, and placeholder set. Pokemon Clock
This clock is too cute. Look at all the sleeping Pokemon! But in particular, there's Vulpix curled up in front between Ivysaur and Snorlax. <3 This clock is from Japan. DS Lite Case
Not a lot to say about this item, but I love that it features Vulpix along with tons of other cool fire Pokemon! I notice it only features one Pokemon per evolutionary line, however, so since it features Torchic there is no Blaziken, and Typhlosion there is no Cyndaquil., Bags, and Cases
There a lot of various bags and pouches featuring Vulpix, and I doub this is all of them. I have a Johto-era green pencil pouch, two brown pass-cases from the Pokemon Center, and a mobile phone bag. (Here's a close-up of the pass-case design.) Items
Here we have another little pouch, a Mexican bottlecap, an eraser, and a chopstick set!'s V-Trainer Prototype Featuring Vulpix
Yes, most of these items are of Brock, but he is my favorite character in the anime, and he happens to own a Vulpix for part of the show! The V-Trainer is the green device on the far right, and features Onix, Vulpix, and Forretress! (Which I find funny, because he didn't even get Pineco until after he'd already returned Vulpix to Suzie, haha.) It's listed as a Prototype because this product was not officially released! It seems that it was cancelled, but some of them still made it to shelves for a brief period of time, or were found by other means. I got this one from a fellow PKMNcollectors community member, who I believe found it on an auction site.
Vulpix Hot Plate Keychain ポケットモンスター キーチェーン ホットプレートでかんたんに作る

This really cool old item is sort of like a make-it-yourself keychain. You use the provided bottles of color liquid and pour them into the mold. I assume you heat up the plate somehow, but I haven't bothered trying to decipher the instructions. I probably won't use it, since A.) it's very old, and I have had experience using old goo for like for Creepy Crawlers-type things, and it failing miserably due being expired, and B.) because it just looks so cool still in its package, whereas the keychain, I imagine, would end up being very floppy and easily destroyed. The larger eye is actaully loose (it appears to have come off of the plate) but I shook it around so that it landed in a fairly decent spot for the photo. XD
The back of the package. What it looks like completed. Stencil/Coloring Kit (with case featuring Vulpix)
This cool little stencil/coloring kit comes in a hard case which features Vulpix, Pikachu, Togepi, Bellossom, Ledyba, and Jigglypuff! Vulpix seemed to be featured on a lot of items with Togepi and Bellossom in the Johto-era. Fashion Victims VHS
This is the first video release in the US featuring Vulpix! It contains her first anime appearance. Such good memories! I had to donate the rest of my VHS collection to Goodwill due to space, but I decided if I would keep one, it would be the Vulpix one.

Pokemon Pencil Set (With Vulpix, R, and Koffing Pencils!) Shirt from Hot Topic (2009 Umbreon/Espeon promo shirt on the left) Cels セル
These are actual pieces of film that were used to make the Pokemon movies. This piece above features Vulpix, Eevee, Clefairy, and Hoot Hoot. You can only see the image clearly when you hold it up to the light, as it's a piece of film and otherwise just looks dark brown. (Like a film negative!)
Studio Production Art 設定
This is official production artwork that the studios would use as reference for drawing characters in the anime. They were not publicly released, so getting copies is pretty cool! Center Shopping Bag ポケモンセンターバッグ
This bag is HUGE. (See the card for reference.) It's also very sturdy, unlike other shopping bags, and the handle has plastic around it.
Postcards featuring Vulpix ポスートカード
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky Stickers
I don't usually collect stickers, but until I get a clearfile with the Mystery Dungeon Vulpix on it, this sticker sheet will have to do! They're all so cute with their bandanas! TCG Collection (Complete) Pan Stickers (4 kinds) ロコンデコキャラシール
Assorted Cards, Stickers, and other Flats Card featuring Vulpix

Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション Part 2

Figures, Pins, and Toys フィギュア バッジ おもちゃ

 Kids Figures photo 2014-08-25133927.jpg

Kids キッズ
From L-R: Original Clear Version, Original Version, Second release with new colors, Fourth "Standing" Release, Third "Anime Version" Release.


StampStampers (Various) スタンプ(いろいろ)
L-R: RSE Retsudan Stamper, Holofoil Taiwan Stamper, Roller Stamper, 151 Stamper, Figure Stamper (3 different colored bases)


Big Figures photo 2014-08-25133413.jpgL-R: American Hasbro Talking Figure, DX Tomy Figure, Plastic Piggy Bank.


Vulpix Line Zukan photo 2014-08-25133256.jpgVulpix Zukan Set (Including Vulpix egg piece from the Pokemon Center diorama zukan) ロコン図鑑


FCS and Case Figures photo 2014-08-25134026.jpg

L-R: Full Color Stadium figures (Flamethrower and Standing), In-Case Figure, European Dome Figure, Fuzzy Figure (ふんわり ポケモン)


Unique Figures photo 2014-08-25134103.jpgL-R: Grabby Figure, Chibi Pokemodel, Tomy Figure, Playset Figure, European Candy Figure. Notes: I also have a Tomy Figure MIP!


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518215551j:plainKeshi Figures/Mini Models 消し
Notes: 9 regular pose, 2 alternate pose. I am only missing two colors! (Pearly red and blue, similar to the green on the far right.)


Metal Collection Metaru Korekushon


Metal Collection メタルコレクション, Keshimon けしもん, Marble
Notes: 5 types of Metal Collection figures (Gold, Bronze, Copper, Pewter, Blue, Lime Green, Dark Green), 2 types of Keshimon (silver and gold) and 1 marble. I am still missing several colors of the Metal Collection Figures, including purple and silver.


Other Odd Items photo 2014-08-25133846.jpgL-R: Clip figure, magnet, megablok, button



Vulpix figure from Brazil


American "Funky Chunky" Magnet


Keychains and Other Straps photo 2014-08-25133554.jpgStraps and Keychains
L-R: Plastic Keychain, Tomy Keychain, Adventure Goods Strap, Wooden Chip Keychain


Close-up of Pokemon Time Items photo 2014-08-25132953.jpgPokemon Time Figures
L-R: Pokemon Time Strap, Pokemon Time headphone jack plug


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518220859p:plainL-R: European Novelty Clock, Pokemon Center Dex Charms, Brock's Gym Leader Pin, Pokemon Medal Swing Keychains, Stamp Badge, Brock's Pokemon Charm
Notes: Close-ups of the Clock (1, 2) Full Brock's Gym Leader Pins and Brock's Pokemon Charm Set!


CoinsCoins (Various) コイン(いろいろ)
L-R: Battle Coins, Poker Chip, American Battle Coin Center Pin Badge, Pokemon With You Pin Badge


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518221802j:plainL-R: European Plastic Waps, Korean Pin Badge


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518223718j:plainL-R: American Release Dogtags, Burger King Game Boy Cartridge Toy.

Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション

 Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション

I have been an avid collector of the Pokemon Vulpix for many years. I have quite an extensive collection now, and am documenting it here for everyone to see! Since my collection is so big, I'm starting with just the plush.


Plush ぬいぐるみ

Mirage Vulpix Rokon Nuigurumi PlushName: Unknown 
Company: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Notes: This very rare, seldom-seen Vulpix plush (only 2 have been documented on the Internet so far!) has very mysterious origins. We don't know what company made it, only that it is in fact a licensed product. (See the pictures of the tags: 1, 2, 3) Both of these "mirage" Vulpix plush have been found in Japan, but we're not completely sure if it's a Japanese toy or a European toy that somehow made its way to Japan in both cases. I purchased this lovely plush from a good collector friend of mine, and he is the rarest item in my collection!
Additional Photos:



Name: あたっかぬいぐるみロコン
Company: Takara Tomy
Country: Japan
Notes: The plush originally came with a toasty packet that you could warm up in the microwave. She can lay on your lap and warm you up! The name for these types of lap warmers is 湯たんぽ. The in-box pictures are not mine, but I have recently obtained a box of my own! The artwork on it is so unique and darling. <3
Additional Photos: In Box (1, 2, 3), Toasty Packets





Company: Banpresto バンプレスト
Country: Japan
Notes: Was originally available in UFO catcher machines.


Vulpix Terrycloth Plush photo 2014-08-25132304.jpg

Name: Towel Plush タオルぬいぐるみ
Company: Banpresto
Country: Japan


Vulpix Canvas Plush photo 2014-08-25132402.jpg

Name: Vulpix Canvas ロコンキャンバス
Company: Pokemon Center ポケモンセンター
Country: Japan
Notes: Vulpix's first Pokemon Center plush! I wish they'd make a Pokedoll, though.


 photo 2014-08-25132432.jpgName: KFC Vulpix Beanie
Company: Applause
Country: USA
Notes: This was a prize given away with kids' meals at Kentucky Fried Chicken! The other Pokemon in this set were Zubat, Seel, and Dratini. Odd choices, but the Vulpix beanie is too cute! I also have the Zubat.


Vulpix Egg Plush photo 2014-08-25132506.jpgName: Egg Plush Vulpix タマゴぬいぐるみロコン
Company: Pokemon Center ポケモンセンター
Country: Japan


Vulpix Applause Plush photo 2014-08-25132544.jpgName: Pokemon Playables Vulpix
Company: Applause
Country: USA
Notes: This plush originally came smushed in a Pokeball! That's why her tails are so pressed down against the plush. I think this is the derpiest Vulpix plush, and it was one of the last ones I got because I don't really like it! It does have a little charm, though. And the shiny tails and mane are cool.


Vulpix Friends Plush photo 2014-08-25132708.jpgName: Vulpix Friends Plush ロコンフレンズ
Company: Bandai
Country: Japan
Notes: This plush was part of a line of small plushies that came in boxes.


Vulpix Friends Plush photo 2014-08-25132708.jpgName: Bell Plush すずなりポケモン
Company: Banpresto
Country: Japan
Notes: Pictured here beside the Flareon plushie, these were part of a very old line that came in little boxes, and have an elastic cord and a bell (hence the name!) on them that jingles. There were three sets. Flareon is from the first, and Vulpix is from the second.

Group photo! All of the known official Vulpix plush that exist! :) 

Hello World! 今日は!


Hello everyone! So I'm trying out Hatena Blog because I have found so many cool blogs in my Pokemon collecting searches that use Hatena Blog. I'm not quite sure what I'll use mine for just yet, but I figured I'd get started with an entry anyway. ^_^ I speak English, and a little Japanese. Maybe this blog can help me practice Japanese more!


今日は、みんなさん! ハテナブログをしています!たくさんポケモンハテナブログを見つかって、私もハテナブログを作っています! 私はアメリカ人、そして英語を話します。少し日本語も話します。




~Little Scarf Girl