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Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション

 Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション

I have been an avid collector of the Pokemon Vulpix for many years. I have quite an extensive collection now, and am documenting it here for everyone to see! Since my collection is so big, I'm starting with just the plush.


Plush ぬいぐるみ

Mirage Vulpix Rokon Nuigurumi PlushName: Unknown 
Company: Unknown
Country: Unknown
Notes: This very rare, seldom-seen Vulpix plush (only 2 have been documented on the Internet so far!) has very mysterious origins. We don't know what company made it, only that it is in fact a licensed product. (See the pictures of the tags: 1, 2, 3) Both of these "mirage" Vulpix plush have been found in Japan, but we're not completely sure if it's a Japanese toy or a European toy that somehow made its way to Japan in both cases. I purchased this lovely plush from a good collector friend of mine, and he is the rarest item in my collection!
Additional Photos:



Name: あたっかぬいぐるみロコン
Company: Takara Tomy
Country: Japan
Notes: The plush originally came with a toasty packet that you could warm up in the microwave. She can lay on your lap and warm you up! The name for these types of lap warmers is 湯たんぽ. The in-box pictures are not mine, but I have recently obtained a box of my own! The artwork on it is so unique and darling. <3
Additional Photos: In Box (1, 2, 3), Toasty Packets





Company: Banpresto バンプレスト
Country: Japan
Notes: Was originally available in UFO catcher machines.


Vulpix Terrycloth Plush photo 2014-08-25132304.jpg

Name: Towel Plush タオルぬいぐるみ
Company: Banpresto
Country: Japan


Vulpix Canvas Plush photo 2014-08-25132402.jpg

Name: Vulpix Canvas ロコンキャンバス
Company: Pokemon Center ポケモンセンター
Country: Japan
Notes: Vulpix's first Pokemon Center plush! I wish they'd make a Pokedoll, though.


 photo 2014-08-25132432.jpgName: KFC Vulpix Beanie
Company: Applause
Country: USA
Notes: This was a prize given away with kids' meals at Kentucky Fried Chicken! The other Pokemon in this set were Zubat, Seel, and Dratini. Odd choices, but the Vulpix beanie is too cute! I also have the Zubat.


Vulpix Egg Plush photo 2014-08-25132506.jpgName: Egg Plush Vulpix タマゴぬいぐるみロコン
Company: Pokemon Center ポケモンセンター
Country: Japan


Vulpix Applause Plush photo 2014-08-25132544.jpgName: Pokemon Playables Vulpix
Company: Applause
Country: USA
Notes: This plush originally came smushed in a Pokeball! That's why her tails are so pressed down against the plush. I think this is the derpiest Vulpix plush, and it was one of the last ones I got because I don't really like it! It does have a little charm, though. And the shiny tails and mane are cool.


Vulpix Friends Plush photo 2014-08-25132708.jpgName: Vulpix Friends Plush ロコンフレンズ
Company: Bandai
Country: Japan
Notes: This plush was part of a line of small plushies that came in boxes.


Vulpix Friends Plush photo 2014-08-25132708.jpgName: Bell Plush すずなりポケモン
Company: Banpresto
Country: Japan
Notes: Pictured here beside the Flareon plushie, these were part of a very old line that came in little boxes, and have an elastic cord and a bell (hence the name!) on them that jingles. There were three sets. Flareon is from the first, and Vulpix is from the second.

Group photo! All of the known official Vulpix plush that exist! :)