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Vulpix Collection ロコンのコレクション Part 2

Figures, Pins, and Toys フィギュア バッジ おもちゃ

 Kids Figures photo 2014-08-25133927.jpg

Kids キッズ
From L-R: Original Clear Version, Original Version, Second release with new colors, Fourth "Standing" Release, Third "Anime Version" Release.


StampStampers (Various) スタンプ(いろいろ)
L-R: RSE Retsudan Stamper, Holofoil Taiwan Stamper, Roller Stamper, 151 Stamper, Figure Stamper (3 different colored bases)


Big Figures photo 2014-08-25133413.jpgL-R: American Hasbro Talking Figure, DX Tomy Figure, Plastic Piggy Bank.


Vulpix Line Zukan photo 2014-08-25133256.jpgVulpix Zukan Set (Including Vulpix egg piece from the Pokemon Center diorama zukan) ロコン図鑑


FCS and Case Figures photo 2014-08-25134026.jpg

L-R: Full Color Stadium figures (Flamethrower and Standing), In-Case Figure, European Dome Figure, Fuzzy Figure (ふんわり ポケモン)


Unique Figures photo 2014-08-25134103.jpgL-R: Grabby Figure, Chibi Pokemodel, Tomy Figure, Playset Figure, European Candy Figure. Notes: I also have a Tomy Figure MIP!


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518215551j:plainKeshi Figures/Mini Models 消し
Notes: 9 regular pose, 2 alternate pose. I am only missing two colors! (Pearly red and blue, similar to the green on the far right.)


Metal Collection Metaru Korekushon


Metal Collection メタルコレクション, Keshimon けしもん, Marble
Notes: 5 types of Metal Collection figures (Gold, Bronze, Copper, Pewter, Blue, Lime Green, Dark Green), 2 types of Keshimon (silver and gold) and 1 marble. I am still missing several colors of the Metal Collection Figures, including purple and silver.


Other Odd Items photo 2014-08-25133846.jpgL-R: Clip figure, magnet, megablok, button



Vulpix figure from Brazil


American "Funky Chunky" Magnet


Keychains and Other Straps photo 2014-08-25133554.jpgStraps and Keychains
L-R: Plastic Keychain, Tomy Keychain, Adventure Goods Strap, Wooden Chip Keychain


Close-up of Pokemon Time Items photo 2014-08-25132953.jpgPokemon Time Figures
L-R: Pokemon Time Strap, Pokemon Time headphone jack plug


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518220859p:plainL-R: European Novelty Clock, Pokemon Center Dex Charms, Brock's Gym Leader Pin, Pokemon Medal Swing Keychains, Stamp Badge, Brock's Pokemon Charm
Notes: Close-ups of the Clock (1, 2) Full Brock's Gym Leader Pins and Brock's Pokemon Charm Set!


CoinsCoins (Various) コイン(いろいろ)
L-R: Battle Coins, Poker Chip, American Battle Coin Center Pin Badge, Pokemon With You Pin Badge


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518221802j:plainL-R: European Plastic Waps, Korean Pin Badge


f:id:littlescarfgirl:20150518223718j:plainL-R: American Release Dogtags, Burger King Game Boy Cartridge Toy.